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Assessments – HR’s MRI View Of A Candidate

By March 4, 2021No Comments

Written by: Stephanie Benesh, Director, Talent Insights Center

Client Concern: We can’t personally meet the candidates that we’re interested in, so how do we know we’re making the right choice?

As if hiring the perfect person for their perfect role wasn’t hard enough, many of our clients find themselves in the midst of filling their open roles without the ability to meet their candidates in person. As we field these questions of uncertainty and concern, our common response is, “Let’s take a look at which Behavioral Assessments will help you to successfully put the right person in that seat”. While assessments are by no means “new” to the selection process, they have now become a necessity.

Candidates get through the door with their ‘toolbox’, those skills, knowledge and experiences, that match the technical needs of the role, that complete the litmus test for hiring. But how do we know what they are bringing beyond those areas.  How do we know if the person in front of us is, well, being authentic?  And now, we are twice removed from the individual ‘in front’ of us, through phone and video interviews, so how can we be sure?

This is where behavioral assessments come into play by providing an MRI view of the candidate, versus the X-Ray view that we get through a simple resume and good interview process.

Novo’s Talent Insight Center offers a number of assessment options that are able to take that deep dive into your candidate’s behaviors, motivating drives and needs, their Emotional Intelligence skills and traits, as well as their leadership and/or selling competencies.  The monetary investment to the hiring organization is nominal, however pays out in dividends by ensuring that the right person, is in the right seat, and that they are going to be successful within the role, as well as within the organizational culture. Furthermore, the assessments utilized can and should be used throughout onboarding and into the continued development of the new employee.

If you too are feeling this concern and burden, just know that we are here to answer your questions and help you identify what assessments are the best fit for your company!

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