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Case Study

Bio Tech & Pharma

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The culture fit Novo helped us articulate allowed us to use the same hiring process for other roles we needed to fill. We can make a hire based on not only what they know, but on their ability to learn, and willingness to be trained.   — Human Resource Manager 

High turnover in a key, entry-level position as a biotech/pharma research organization left our client wondering what was missing from their recruitment process. Within on year the client had hired eight people, each of whom only had a two-month tenure at the time of exit.

Hiring to their culture was critical, yet the turnover rate left the client not knowing what success looked like in that position.  Lacking internal resources to take a deep dive into their recruitment process, they looked to Novo for help. 


Novo assessed the role through interviews with individuals identified as top performers in the role and managers to understand the traits and qualities of individuals who were successful in that role. Armed with that information, Novo created job-specific competencies and a matrix of proficiencies. We redefined the job description to include basic requirements and essential duties, and articulated key traits necessary for success in the position.

Once competencies and a job description were defined, Novo trained hiring managers on how to interview candidates and assess these competencies. We created an interview guide with questions that were behavioral-based and tied to the client’s core values, along with questions on the science-based acumen needed. We included general best practices for before, during and after an interview.


Novo educated managers on recruitment strategies and the client then applied Novo’s process to define core competencies for other positions in the organization. The client completed their 2016 recruiting efforts by successfully hiring 15% of their workforce and significantly decreasing their turnover rate. All hiring managers conduct post-interview debriefs and receive feedback from each involved interview stakeholder.

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