Does your Human Capital department need a tune up?

Does your Human Capital department need a tune up?

A Human Capital department is just like any vehicle on the road.  Regular maintenance i.e. tire rotations, oil changes, gasoline fill ups; monetary investments, i.e. new brake system, engine repair; and car ownership compliance i.e. insurance, inspection, registration; are all essential in keeping it on the road and in good condition.  A vehicle owner knows that when something doesn't sound right or something seems off, they take it to the shop to have it checked out.  But what if there was a hidden issue that has gone undetected for quite some time and could have been resolved much sooner by utilizing a regular diagnostic tool? Perhaps the problem originally stemmed from one minor issue, but because it was something internal that was not noticeable on the surface, the problem grew and affected other parts of the vehicle.  The owner could be without a vehicle for some time, causing additional complications and potentially out thousands of dollars!  

Taking care of your Human Capital (HC) department is no different than taking care of your vehicle.  HC departments need regular assessment, monetary investments and regulatory compliance reviews too.  These best practices ensure your team is providing high-quality and efficient services to employees and applicants, maintaining strategic partnerships with business and department leaders, and an evaluation also demonstrates whether your department is following federal and state labor and employment laws. 

Wouldn’t you want to know if your HC department is operating at its full potential or uncover hidden areas of opportunities to maximize your team? 

2020 strategic planning and budget season is here.  Now is the time to assess and diagnose your HC function so that you don’t run into unforeseen costs or challenges down the road. Novo Group understands the talent landscape is changing and that business environments can be complicated. Shortages, generational differences, the trending gig economy are affecting the ability of so many companies to maintain engagement for their employees and retain top talent so they can remain ahead of their competition.

We have a tool to demonstrate why our clients describe us as a valued partner who brings concrete, proven, cost-effective human talent solutions that are tied to strategic business plans and objectives.  Our proprietary Diagnostic Tool will help you review the numerous functions your HC team performs that are crucial to the development of your company.  It will help your team understand the current maturity level of your company’s human capital capabilities.

Upon completion of a simple scorecard, we provide you a summary report of the challenges, but more importantly, the opportunities for cost-effective, timely solutions.  The report helps identify gaps for improvement, across multiple functional Human Capital areas such as recruitment, training and development, performance management, talent management and employee engagement.

Novo’s Diagnostic Tool helps to:

  • Evaluate the time and cost efficiency of specific Human Capital functions
  • Diagnose the effectiveness and value of Human Capital processes to internal stakeholders
  • Assess your tools and technologies
  • Identify high-priority opportunities for improvement
  • Identify cost feasibility and impact of Human Capital delivery changes

Take some time now and meet with one our Diagnostic Experts for a complimentary diagnostic review session.  It could save you time and money.

To schedule your complimentary diagnostic session, please contact us at today!