Should Executive Coaching for your Emerging Leaders be a COVID-19 Recovery Strategy?

Should Executive Coaching for your Emerging Leaders be a COVID-19 Recovery Strategy?

December 2020

Written by: Andy Kindler, Managing Director

Many times, companies only provide coaching for their most senior executives.  Yet during our pandemic crisis, I have spoken with several organizations who commented on how mid-level managers and directors had truly emerged as some of the best leaders in the organization.  One CHRO stated, "This group seemed to be more flexible and able to envision new ways of working, where some of our more senior leaders could not see methods beyond what had “traditionally” worked."

If we have learned nothing else during this time of working from home and social distancing, it is that there is nothing traditional about it!  Applying that lesson learned to the development of your future leaders, one key question is...

Why not invest in the future of your organization? 

This investment will reap two benefits for the company: 1) reward the good performance of those emerging leaders by investing in their continued growth which, is a key component of engagement and retention, and 2) the company will have a deeper bench with more ideas for creating the next version of what the new normal will be for your organization.

A CEO client said to me “we have no comfort zone remaining. How do we get it back?” I believe the answer is we don’t!  We have to define a new comfort zone that is likely to be more able to accept ambiguity and more uncertainty for any foreseeable future.  As I asked this CEO, "Who is most comfortable with these factors in your company?", his response without hesitation was, “My younger leaders.”  He then commented "They just don’t have a lot of experience yet.”  My challenge to him was less experience is a good thing as they have not “locked in” on what “traditionally works” so provide them a coach to develop the competencies where they are underdeveloped.

I'll end with this as a challenge question to ALL COMPANIES as we slowly restart our economy.  Why not invest in your future starting with those mid-level leaders who excelled during a time no leaders have ever experienced before?