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Talent Effectiveness

Whether working with one individual, a team or your entire organization, Novo believes your best investment is developing the talent of your leaders. We realize that leader development is a crucial and effective means for achieving sustainable growth, change and results within your organization.
Let us assist you in creating a culture of adaptability, resiliency, and excellence.

Coaching and Development


Leadership Development is an ongoing partnership between coach and employee that produces significant results in professional performance, insight, and behavior change. Through the process of coaching, participants expand and deepen their learning, dramatically improve their performance, and enhance their self-leadership skills.


To provide consistent learning and team development, we introduce our Ignite! interactive and informative group learning experience. These workshops are designed as facilitated discussions with interactive exercises and activities, customized to your team’s development needs. Whether we are working towards Intelligent Communications, Emotional Intelligence or Thriving in Change, the aim is to get participants to apply the learning to their personal development and to their overall growth as a team member. Experience has shown that this group approach multiplies the learning effectiveness.


Novo’s Organizational DNA assessment takes a multifaceted, in-depth look into the current culture and inner workings of a team, department or organization. The process utilizes assessments, interviews and focus groups to gather data in effort to gain a deep understanding of internal dynamics and be able to provide recommendations that will identify cultural, organizational, and leadership competency strengths and constraints within the organization.

Talent Insights Center

Novo’s Talent Insights Center is the foundation of all our practice offerings. Our assessments provide you with data and objective insights to evaluate candidates for competencies and fit, and to create a roadmap for continuous employee development.


Where the art of selection meets behavioral science. A good behavioral interview process provides us with an ‘x-ray’ view of our candidates, however, when coupled with behavioral-based data, we are able to provide you with an ‘MRI’ point of view, strengthening the decision-making process. This data can then be utilized through the executive onboarding process, to solidify new hire success.


Behavioral assessment tools are utilized in each of Novo’s leadership development programs as baseline behavior and competency measures, for diagnostic and self-awareness purposes. This scientific data enables our clients to productively set goals and enhance performance and self-leadership skills in an efficient and effective manner.


The Talent Insights Center holds the certifications for a wide range of assessment tools, including:

preditive index certified partner
The Predictive Index
  • Uncovers what drives work behavior and environments that will best satisfy our needs.
  • Explores natural tendencies in how we behave and manage others.
peoplebest certified
  • Built around the Big Five: Originality / Channeling Effort / Extroversion / Agreeableness / Nature of Reaction
  • Measures behavioral preferences from the 5 drivers of personality and compiles these into competencies for leadership, sales, or individual contributors.
eq-i certified partner
  • Learn how your emotional intelligence can impact people and the workplace.
  • Applications of: Self-Awareness / Self-Expression and Management / Decision Making / Stress Management /Relationship Management
  • EQ360® allows for self-assessment from the participant, as well as feedback from key individuals.
the five behaviors partner
The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®
  • Prepares individuals for success in teams.
  • The New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni and the power of industry-leading workplace assessment tools come together with a program to deliver business results.
everything disc partner
Everything Disc
  • DiSC®: Dominance / Influence / Steadiness / Conscientiousness
  • Discovers personal strengths and highlights areas of growth around communication preferences.
  • Fosters self-awareness and behavioral insights for developing stronger relationships.
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