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Other Duties As Assigned

By March 4, 2021No Comments

Written by: Mike McElherne, Chief Operating Officer

I was recently out in the driveway giving my son a haircut (this is not a normal occurrence) and it was not the Sports Clips experience he was used to.

This is surprisingly not the first time that I gave a haircut. This haircut story is one of the greatest lessons I have learned in life. When I was a kid I liked flat top haircuts, they were tough to keep up because you needed to get your haircut more often to keep it short so it looked good – ha.  My dad said to me one day that he was not going to pay to get my haircut every 2 weeks, so I had to change my hair cut or pay for them myself.

In a resourceful, more STUBBORN, attitude I said…

“Instead of haircuts, could you buy me hair clippers and a handheld mirror?”

I watched the barber and was convinced that I could do it myself.  My Dad laughed, but it was going to save him money, so he bought me clippers and a mirror.

Well, let’s just say the first hair cut I attempted to give myself was AWFUL and ended up in a buzz cut. I didn’t stop, I kept trying till actually I was getting pretty good at cutting my own hair.  After a while, a couple of my friends asked where I got my hair cut and I told them I do it myself.  I would say, “tell your parents for $10 I will cut your hair.” Before long, I had regular clients,  and I carried my clippers with me everywhere and was making great money – for a kid.

Through this experience I learned one of the most important lessons in life, I TAUGHT MYSELF A NEW SKILL SET.

Originally, my goal was not to make money, but I learned this new skill had demand, and people were willing to pay me for this. I cut hair all the way through college, and it turned out to be an awesome source of income for a college kid –can you say beer money?

Throughout my career, I have remembered this lesson and have always challenged myself to learn new skills: sales, marketing, leadership,, PowerPoint, interview skills, data analytics, presentation skills, as well as adding numb chuck skills to my repertoire.

I want you to think about the part of the job description that says “Other Duties as Assigned”.   If you are in a job search, think about what employers need that you can offer which might be outside your normal experience, and how can you create additional value by expanding your overall skill set?

If you are employed, and worried about your job, reach out and ask your manager to help out in any way possible.  An example I can share with you, I recently talked to an HR client of mine who successfully filled out the SBA loan paperwork for their organization and they were approved for the loan. This was not in their job description, but they volunteered, and I will tell you this, the CEO will never forget that.

Other Duties as Assigned…

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