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Case Study

RPS Case Study: Manufacturing

By March 3, 2021No Comments

“The team at Novo Group provided a strategic talent acquisition plan that they implemented and executed.  The result was a significantly better quality of hire.  Structurally, through the pipelining efforts, we are in a much better position moving forward on our positions to engage and acquire talent that fits our culture.  They understand us and work tirelessly to find talent that fits us.”  – Vice President of Human Resource, Manufacturing firm


The client Novo Group partnered with had a history of being very reactive to their hiring needs, relying on a number of contingency firms that have had average success in the past.  Every search was a panic situation due to lack of foresight and preparation.  At times, external recruiters were the first to know of an opening, even before the internal human resource team was aware.  Many questionable fees were paid, and those hires were successful less than 60% of the time.  The client was seeking a reliable partner to enhance their current team with predictable costs and an increased success rate with their permanent placements.


Novo’s team of experts was able to quickly assess and determine areas of opportunities that proved to be consistent challenges over the last ten years for the client’s Talent Acquisition team.  Novo identified roles that had significant challenges where there was high turnover and gaps due to natural, organic growth and found ways to augment the current HR structure already established in the organization   Novo provided a solution that designed a long-term talent acquisition plan to identify and engage top talent for current and future openings.  The results were significant and measurable. Novo Group was able to eliminate all external contingency recruiting organizations saving a tremendous amount of money for the client.   Novo’s team was also able to establish talent communities with potential future hires enabling the client’s HR team to pipeline quality candidates as opposed to relying on outside vendors.  Novo’s team also provided insight on resources and tools that HR could easily leverage in the future to allow them to be more efficient with their talent acquisition strategies and goals.

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