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Novo Office

Novo is a full talent lifecycle partner. We leverage deep industry knowledge, cutting edge research and the use of best practices to augment your internal Human Resources department to deliver exceptional resources across industries and position levels. Novo helps you dread recruiting less!

Executive & Professional Search

Novo has cracked the code by offering a cost-effective, high quality alternative to retained and contingent search.

In the competitive world of finding and retaining top talent, many firms strive to be 'unique'.  We strive  to simply just be better.  Novo's Executive & Professional Search team invests in learning your unique culture and challenges to find the the talent you can't  by looking beyond the resume to find the right match. 

Our professionals work on no more than three searches at a time, allowing them to provide customized and dedicated recruiting solutions for professional, mid-management and executive level positions nationwide. You are given exclusive access to the list of candidates we provide for your search, and each search includes Novo's proprietary Research & Sourcing solution. 

Research & Sourcing Solutions

Novo is you pipeline accelerator - we help you find the talent you can't.

Partnering with Novo  Group means unlocking potential for your organization, gaining insights into your competitive landscape and uncovering passive talent for new growth in the form of demographics and market intelligence that can be used to develop concrete pipelines that ultimately move your talent strategies forward. 

We partner with your talent acquisition team to understand their needs and convert missed talent to leads who are ready to be vetted by your process. Novo's dedicated research team leverages over 25 different tools and techniques to uncover both hard-to-find passive candidates and top qualified active candidates.

Project Based Recruiting & Recruiting Partner Solutions

Novo offers customized and scalable recruiting solutions for mission critical positions and addresses recruiting volumes your team cannot be able to successfully fill.

The Project Based Recruiting  solution is Novo's  flexible model that allows companies the agility and freedom to increase and decrease as their talent needs change.   Our solution addresses the talent acquisition needs of companies of all sizes.

With this practice offering,  our team builds enduring relationships with clients and prospective candidates, relying on an extensive network of industry connections, proven recruiting tools, and an unwavering commitment to dig deep when sourcing top talent.  

Recruitment Program Outsourcing

We're the talent you need, for the talent you need.

With Novo’s Recruitment Program Outsourcing, you are in the driver’s seat.  Our solution is a strategic partnership that brings additional value-added benefits, including: analysis and planning, extensive job marketing, sourcing and engaging talent and detail attention to candidate care. 

We ensure you have the right level of support at all times by designing contracts with built-in flexibility for you to outsource part or all your talent acquisition needs. 

Our team helps create a best-in-class workforce strategy with best practices and transparent metrics that provide insight and data needed to establish efficiencies and optimize your talent acquisition process. 

Our experienced professionals understand how to best position you as an employer in this hyper-competitive talent marketplace, so you can win the war on talent.  

Talent Effectiveness & Organizational Development

An organization's most valuable asset is its people, our Xcellero solutions enable you to retain, develop and transform your talent to realize the full potential of your workforce.

Whether Xcellero is working with one individual, a team or an entire company, we believe an organization’s most critical investment is developing its leadership talent.  Our programs are built on the premise that attracting and retaining top leadership talent begins with an accurate understanding of both the behavioral and cognitive requirements of a role. By building self-awareness and a shared understanding of behavioral requirements, motivators and emotional intelligence, great teams can then be formed!  Our focus is in three areas of talent effectiveness:  Talent Development, Organizational Effectiveness and Talent Selection.

Our Xcellero consultants leverage deep human capital expertise and agile project management practices to develop and deliver offerings that accelerate your organizational growth and long-term success

Talent Insights Center

Novo's Talent Insights Center provides assessments and data-driven insights to fuel high-impact talent selection and development for your business.

Impact starts with insight. Our work is linked to and informed by data to help you best pinpoint how to select, cultivate and transform your talent today & tomorrow.

Our assessment variety allows us to help you most effectively select and develop the right talent for the right role by equipping you with the ability to assess fit and competency through style, behavior and potential focused assessments. Our reputable partners provide us with valid and reliable assessment solutions and enable us in ethical use of data, legal compliance for data storage and security, process transparency and bias free algorithms.

You have options to fuel your business. We provide assessments for specific uses in selection, individual and team development. We can administer assessments for you or provide a subaccount that allows you to setup, certify and administer your own assessments internally.

About novo Group

Novo's Noble Why:  Novo lives out its passion of positively impacting our communities by enhancing the careers of the people in them.  We help organizations solve complex people challenges by finding the talent you can't, and transforming the people you have. 

Novo's How & What:  We invest in learning your unique culture and challenges. Then through our proven, flexible and customized methodologies, we get to work moving you forward.